The Committee to Elect Dennis Bidwell (2017)

I’m very grateful to these community leaders and activists who supported my campaign for City Council.

Robin Barber
Wendy Berg
Janet and Bob Bissell
David Bloomberg
Sarah Buttenweiser
David Caruso
Jane Cross
Andrew Crystal
Bill and Harriet Diamond
Carol Edelstein
Kristen Elechko
Laura Fallon
Jenny Fleming-Ives
Sally and Al Griggs
Nicholas Guardia
Katie Hicks
Michael Hourihan
Peter Ives
Kent Jacobson
Debra J’Anthony
Robert Jonas
Mary Ann Kelly
Meg Kelsey-Wright
Randi Klein
Kevin Lake
Jim Levey
Martha Lyon
Merry Nasser
Marty Nathan
Pranay Parikh
Henry Rosenberg
Stan Schapiro
Elizabeth Schoenfeld
Paul Spector
Marty Wohl
Jonathan Wright