Dennis Bidwell thinks as a person of action and acts as a person of thought. With his listening skills and creative problem solving abilities, Dennis is a tremendous asset to the City Council. We wholeheartedly support him.

Peter Ives and Jenny Fleming -Ives

Our new City Councilor, Dennis Bidwell, has championed our fight to plug methane leaks causing illness and climate change in Northampton. He has been a leader on the carbon pricing resolution and will try to stop plastic bottle litter in the City. He has been a sane voice for health and the environment in our City.

Marty Nathan, 2 Degrees Northampton

Dennis has been a hard-working and responsive representative for Ward 2.  I particularly appreciate his interest in and support of the Northampton Public Schools.  I gladly endorse his candidacy for another two-year term.

Laura Fallon, Northampton School Committee, Ward 2

Dennis has been a thoughtful and effective representative for Ward 2. I have enjoyed working with him on both neighborhood and citywide issues, including in his role as Chair of the Committee on Public Works and Utilities.


Mayor David Narkewicz

I worked closely with Dennis Bidwell as he chaired the committee to study the City’s zoning along King Street.  This was a complicated task, involving several stakeholders  with varied perspectives and concerns.  Dennis effectively brought the parties—business and land owners, city planning officials, and neighbors—together, facilitated constructive discussion, and enabled the group to find common ground.  The recommendations coming out of this effort resulted in the City Council approving updated  zoning for King Street that has been instrumental in supporting new development along the corridor.

Andrew Crystal, O’Connell Development. Former Planning Board Chair

Dennis Bidwell used his considerable skills as an indefatigable organizer to get the Northampton High School crew team started and to help it grow. The team provided a place where students could bond with their team-mates, become physically fit, and enjoy competition with high schools, public and private, across the Commonwealth. There was a time when my daughter and her friends divided life into two parts: Hamp Crew and other. Without Dennis’ efforts, it is clear to me that Hamp Crew would never have come into being.

Dr. Henry Rosenberg and Dr. Katie Hicks, Hamp Crew parents